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The U.S. Capitol Historical Society (USCHS) is celebrating Constitution Day by presenting a learning activity that highlights the 15th and l7th Amendments of the Constitution.  The 15th Amendment ratified in 1870 granted suffrage to African American men; the 17th Amendment of 1913 granted the power to elect senators to the citizens of each state.


       Middle/senior high school teachers and students will have the opportunity to learn more about these Amendments by downloading a lesson plan that examines the historical aspects of the amendments through a political cartoon by Thomas Nast that appeared in Harper’s Weekly on April 9, 1870.  The subject of the cartoon is Hiram Revels (R-1870-71), the first African American elected to the Senate.  Senator Revels was called the “15th Amendment in Flesh and Blood.”


      The Constitution Day Lesson Plan is available on the USCHS website link:  The Society encourages posting this link as part of your educational activities for students.


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The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) is a nonprofit operating foundation that documents and disseminates models of the most innovative practices in our nation's K-12 schools.


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Concept to Classroom
A project which each workshop includes a well-written and illustrated explanation of concepts, a video-based demo, exploration activities, and implementation/suggestions/checklists.


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