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Admission Guidelines:
Captain Shreve has developed a unique and challenging liberal arts curriculum available to qualified applicants within its own district and across the parish.

To apply for the program the student will need to present evidence of the following:
  • IOWA (or equivalent) results at or above the 50th percentile in Total Math and Total Reading
  • Report Card Grades
  • 2.5 GPA required to be accepted in the program and to remain in the program.
  • Grades of "B" or better are preferred in English/Language Arts and Reading in the 8th grade for incoming freshmen; "B" or better in enriched English and social studies courses at the high school level for students entering the program as upperclassmen.
  • Good disciplinary record must be maintained with no suspensions in order to remain in the magnet program.
  • Applicants should possess genuine interest in the liberal arts area and are expected to maintain a high level of motivation toward academic excellence.

Course of Study
4 years of English 1 1/2 years PE; 1/2 year Health
4 years of math 2 years of the same foreign language
4 years of social studies
Two (2) electives chosen from the list below:
Philosophy Comparative Politics/21st Century Problems and Issues
Third Year of a Foreign Language Fourth Year of a Foreign Language
European History AP Fine Arts
Two (2) electives of your choice (must have one unit of Arts)
All courses need to be at the enriched, honors, gifted or Advanced Placement level of study.  This strong college preparatory curriculum could pave the way for several majors at the university level:
Pre-Law Literature
Foreign Languages Public Relations
Communications Journalism
History Broadcasting

4-Year Plan
9th Grade:
  • English I (Gifted, H, E)
  • Civics (E)/Free Enterprise
  • Algebra I (Gifted, E, H) or Geometry (E, H, Gifted)
  • Physical Science (E)
  • P.E. I/ROTC I
  • Foreign Language I

10th Grade:
  • English II (E, H, Gifted)
  • European History (AP) or Global Insights (E)
  • Geometry (E, H, Gifted) or Algebra II (E, H)
  • Biology I (E)
  • P.E. II/ROTC II/Health
  • Foreign Language II

11th Grade:
  • English III (Gifted, H, E)
  • American History (AP, E)
  • Algebra II (E, H) or Advanced Math (H, E)
  • Chemistry (H, E)
  • Elective**
  • Choose from a list of approved Liberal Arts courses***

12th Grade:
  • English IV (Gifted, E, AP)
  • 4 Electives**
  • Choose from a list of approved Liberal Arts courses***

*A student may enter the program later than the ninth grade. However, a counselor will need to determine if the student can still meet all the necessary requirements.
**Recommended electives for Liberal Arts students: Foreign Language III and IV and/or a second language, Fine Arts Survey, Psychology and Sociology, Publications, Art, Debate, Drama, AP Physics, AP Calculus
***Approved Liberal Arts courses: Fine Arts, Liberal Arts I, Liberal Arts II, European History AP, Foreign Language III & IV

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