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GatorPress – In the Shoes of a Student of the Year Nominee and His Tips for Success

By: Isobel Morton – November 15, 2018

Have you wondered what it takes to be a Student of the year; Bobby Shell spills all his tips and how he has become a nominee.

When asked how he would describe himself as a student he responded:

“ I would describe myself as an avid learner. I’m like a sponge. I soak up information through experiences and through observing my mentors and teachers.”

Bobby is enrolled in a mix of AP, honors, and occasionally enriched courses.

Bobby said, “ I don’t do this to seem smart or great, I choose these courses to challenge me and enrich my learning experience as I prepare for college.”

Bobby is all about preparation of the future, pushing yourself educationally, and growing confident in yourself.

How should you prepare yourself?

He is not sure either; but suggests trying your best and staying humble.

Shell said, “You shouldn’t brag about a lot, you should just take it as a sign you’re doing what you’re supposed to do.”

He also recommends enjoying  the special moments of life, and not solely focusing on work

What does Bobby believe has led him to being honored as a nominee?

Bobby would like to think that his countless sleepless nights and hard work have contributed to his nomination.

Shell said, “I believe that you get out what you put in. If you put in time and effort it will pay off.”

He sees the nomination as recognition for his effort and not the driving force behind his work ethic.

Advice and tips:

Put your voice out there, be confident, and strive for leadership roles. He says that be a good leader is all about focus, dedication, and brain power.

Shell said, “ If you think you’re not worthy or good enough, don’t. Enough people will do that to you, you don’t have to join in.”

A major tip is believing in you; if someone doubts you prove them wrong.

Is all this worth it?

Bobby says yes; through his work his had witnesses incredible experiences, built strong connections that will help him out later, and created lifelong friendships.

Shell said, “I can’t imagine my life without putting all of this work in.”

This nominee is applying to:

  • Princeton
  • Brown
  • Amherst
  • Richmond
  • Occidental
  • Swarthmore
  • Kenyon
  • And LSUS

GatorPress – The Impact of FCA

By: Genene Carter

An athlete prays before a big game

It’s 7:45 on a cold Friday morning. Everyone’s fired up for the football game. They’re proudly wearing green and gold t-shirts and sweatshirts. They’re eating donuts. They’re being inspired by a former football player. They are the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They are FCA.

Although the word “athlete” is in the name, you don’t have to play a sport to join FCA. Anyone at Captain Shreve who wants to strengthen his or her faith through the encouraging message of a guest speaker is welcome. The club meets every game day at 7:45 during football season; meeting times outside football season are to be announced.

“I believe FCA gives athletes an opportunity to be around other athletes or competitors and learn the word of God together,” said Geron Hargon, the Captain of FCA.

Although the word “athlete” is in the name, you don’t have to play a sport to join FCA. Anyone at Captain Shreve who wants to strengthen his or her faith through the encouraging message of a guest speaker is welcome. The club meets every game day at 7:45 during football season; meeting times outside football season are to be announced.

“I believe FCA gives athletes an opportunity to be around other athletes or competitors and learn the word of God together,” said Geron Hargon, the Captain of FCA.

Geron has been in FCA since his freshman year. He was inspired to join the club because of a former student and football player named Colyn Givens. He has been involved ever since and hopes to publicize it throughout the school.

“I wanted to run for FCA Captain because I wanted to help FCA become bigger at Shreve,” Geron said. “It is a great organization with great leaders and I wanted to promote it more so that more students could be apart of it.”

Geron believes that FCA has impacted his life by meeting new people who helped to strengthen his faith and provide support for him.

“FCA gave me an opportunity to learn more about the word of God with my teammates and classmates,” Geron said. “It makes me feel more comfortable knowing that I have those types of people in my life that I can go to in a time of need.”

Geron also enjoys getting to know his fellow members better and learning more about their personal life stories.

“My favorite part of FCA is getting to hear people’s testimonies and learning how they found their way into the word and became an advocate for Christ,” he said.

Through his years in FCA, Geron has become very passionate about the organization. Here are some reasons why he would urge everyone at Shreve to try it out.

“FCA is a great organization that is not just for athletes but is made up of [students] who have faith in Jesus Christ and want to spread the word of the gospel through their

sports or extracurricular activities,” Geron said. “I encourage everyone to give it a chance and to come and hear one of our speakers. You might relate to one of them and want to learn more!”

Coach Scott Hooper is the sponsor of FCA, and it is his “first year heading up FCA here at Shreve.” However, he was involved in FCA as a student at Airline High School and believes it really helped prepare him for life.

“FCA helped to set a Biblical foundation in my life while in high school,” he said. “As an athlete, I was always encouraged and motivated by the messages from guest speakers. It helped me to take my passion for competition and put that same passion in my faith in Christ as well.”

The guest speakers are a big attraction for the club; a new one comes to speak at every gameday meeting. Their messages are particularly inspiring for Coach Hooper, who has some special connections with some of the speakers they’ve had in the past.

GatorPress – CSHS JROTC Celebrates Veterans Day

By: Demetrius Thompson

Every year on November 11th, citizens of the United States honor our brave men and women who fought for our country and who defend our freedom. The Chiasson Gator Battalion of Captain Shreve High School, celebrates this holiday with a ceremony to pay tribute to our veterans who attends this program and the guest speaker is presented with a plaque as a token of appreciation.

The ceremony, which took place on November 9, 2018 this year, consisted of the CSHS Female Choir, JROTC Armed Color Guard, 3rd Brigade Commander (Shakonna Sudds), Gator Battalion Commander (Mallory Kelley), and the Gator Battalion Executive Officer (Demetrius Thompson), with many other important roles. Parents, grandparents, family, english classes, and history classes attend this program. The ceremony started off with the Battalion Commander introducing our guest followed by a montage of remembrance. After the video ended, the Armed Color Guard took the stage and posted the colors as the Female Choir sung the “Star Spangled Banner”. Then the 3rd Brigade Commander, read the History and Purpose of Veterans Day as five cadets posted the service flags. The Gator Battalion Commander thanked the Army Instructors along with the Senior Army Instructor for their service along with staying after school to better the battalion. A speech was then read by the Battalion Executive Officer, which led to introducing the guest speaker, Major Daniel Fritts. “It was very well put together, it was very evident that you guys had prepared” ,said Major Fritts, “I’ve seen active duty soldiers with color guards that were less crisp than you.” He also thanked us for hosting this ceremony because not all people support veterans and it was evident during the Vietnam war that support was lost, but by continuing the tradition its most likely to pass on to other generations and not be forgotten.

GatorPress – A Game of Volleyball

By Melissa Krzywanski


Volleyball is a fast-paced sport that requires team unity, athleticism, and a lot of quick thought. Volleyball is a global sport and is enjoyed by many people around the world. Captain Shreve is proud to support their own varsity and junior varsity girls volleyball teams.

One member on the team is junior Tori Reich, who has been a varsity team member since her freshman year. I talked to her get to know the inner workings of the court and become familiar with some common plays.

Volleyball is a game made up of six positions on one side of the net that each have a specific role. Position 1 is called home, and is where the setter stands while the ball is in the air. Position 1 is also where balls are served.

Position 2 is the opposite hitter. People in that position are usually left-handed and are good blockers, because they have to block against the strongest hitters on the opposing team.

Position 3, called the middle, is usually where the tallest person stands, and her job is to help assist in a double block for positions 2&4, hit, and go against the opposing hitter.

Position 4, the outside, is where the strongest hitter usually stands. This position also blocks.

Position 5 belongs to the defensive specialist, and will be able to help pass to the setter or get the ball over the net.

Position 6 is the libero position. This position is where the best passer on the team goes, and she wears a different color jersey to separate herself from the other players. The libero never leaves her position

For Positions 1,4 and 5 there are no specific plays, they make plays tailored to the situations going on during the game. The middles can slide, run or short. Slides are when the setter sets the ball back towards position 2 rather than setting it straight up, and then player 3 will go around to hit it.

A short is when the ball is set right on top of the net, and the middle has to make her approach as soon as the ball leaves the setter’s hands. The player in position 2 has a different version of a slide, where she moves to position 3 and then hits next to the player in position 3.

The libero can run LP or RP (Left/Right pocket). This play is when everyone fakes, and the libero comes up to the 10ft line and then pushes the ball to the right or left corner.

As you can see, volleyball is more complicated than it appears!

If you would like to read more on Shreve’s volleyball team and their travels, click HERE to view Marie Chance’s story.

GatorPress – Teen Choice Books

By: Jada Wiggins

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks

The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma

To vote on your favorite book visit

GatorPress – Traveling with Volleyball

by Marie Chance

At Captain Shreve high school, our very own volleyball team travels off campus to other schools to play volleyball and represent the Swamp. When games are hosted at other campuses, the team must leave school early therefore missing part of 5th and then 6th and 7th period.

The team doesn’t mind riding a school bus to away games because they usually don’t have to travel far. Ruston is the farthest district game, which is an hour away. And though the ride maybe a little uncomfortable, it is overshadowed by laughs, jokes and team bonding. The ride brings the team together and it helps the players see more of each other when they aren’t at school.

“I like traveling because we ride together, have fun together, listen to music and eat snacks,” Alexis McClain said (a varsity volleyball player).

Traveling to other schools an be fun, but it results in more homework because the players miss their afternoon classes. The teachers understand that the players have to miss the classes and work with the players on the material missed. But the players manage their time to where they can get their work done at the tournament, so their grades aren’t affected by traveling.

“The make up work depends on homework for that day. Usually I can get homework done on the way to the game, if I manage my time correctly,” Abigail Roberts said (a varsity volleyball player).

Though the players are the ones actually playing, the coaches are behind the skills, organization and bonding. Coach Hunt and Coach Kelly sacrifice their time and work to get the volleyball team to the district games and make sure everyone is ready. Traveling maybe stressful for the coaches, but they don’t let that affect the team. No one is quite sure if they like traveling or not, but the coaches do everything for the team.

“Coach Kelly and Coach Hunt loves being with all of us They love the girls. It really depends on how stressful the day was and that will affect if they want to travel that day or not,” Amy Goins said.

GatorPress – What to Do with Halloween Leftovers

By: Isobel Morton

Glow in the dark bubbles:

Step 1: Grab bubbles

Step 2: Grab some glow sticks

Step 3: Grab a pair of scissors

Step 4: Pour the bubbles into plastic a bowl

Step 5: Cut one end of the glow stick and leave it in the bowl

Step 6: Wait

Step 7: Once most of the glowing liquid has left the stick grab your bubble wand

(Optional: pour the glowing bubble mixture back in the bottle)

Step 8: Have fun!

Candy Brownies:

Step 1: Buy brownie mix from the store

Step 2: Place the candy in the mixture

Step 3: Place in the oven

Step 4: Enjoy!

Lollipop Turkey:

Step 1: Grab some lollipops

Step 2: Paint a styrofoam orb brown

Step 3: Cut out a beak and feathers from orange foam paper

Step 4: Cut out a gizzard from red foam paper

Step 5: Place the beak in the middle front of the orb (turkey body)

Step 6: Place the orange feathers along the side of the orb (turkey body)

Step 7: Place the gizzard under the nose

Step 8: Place two googly eyes on the front

Step 9: Stick the lollipops in the back of the orb to look like the back feathers

Cookie Cups:

Step 1: Grab a muffin tin

Step: Buy your desired cookie dough

Step 3: Put the dough in the tin

Step 4: Use a spice bottle to create a cavity for the candy

Step 5: Place pieces of your favorite candy in the middle

Step 6: Bake

Step 7: Enjoy!

Christmas Countdown:

Step 1: Collect old toilet paper rolls (25)

Step 2: Glue them together to form a tree

Step 3: Let it dry

Step 4: Paint it how you desire

Step 5: Fill each tube with candy or a little toy

Step 6: Put pretty tissue paper over the ends

Step 7: Put numbers on each roll in the order you desire

Step 8: Punch one in every day in December till Christmas

GatorPress – Battalion Commander is up for Promotion

By:Demetrius Thompson


Many high school students are known to have a lack of discipline or respect. Well not with this particular individual. Shakonna Sudds is a Preacher’s Daughter who has always kept her grades up.

JROTC became the source for her fiery passion for structure her freshman year. She has even won Cadet of the Month, she recalls winning it because, “she had her head screwed on right.”, she said.

“JROTC helps improve you as a person and as a leader”, said Shakonna, “It’s not just about the title, it’s more about your actions ”.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Shakonna Sudds does many activities in JROTC. She is the Gator Battalion Commander first and foremost, which puts her in charge of 199 students who are enrolled in JROTC this school year.

She is also responsible for battalion administration, training, discipline, and the appearance of the battalion. She’s also the commander of Academic Team and Unarmed Color Guard while also participating in many other clubs in and out of JROTC.

Every year, there is a competition held for all Battalion Commanders in Caddo Parish. The competition includes submitting school transcripts along with your JROTC portfolio, writing an essay about the plans of improving your battalion, testing, getting your uniform inspected and presenting a presentation about your goals of the academic enrichment and student lead emphasis in front of eleven SAI’s (Senior Army Instructors). Who will then judge and create your fate.

“Shreve has won it one time out of all my years being here”, Lieutenant Colonel David McGee said.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Nick Hall had won this position in the 2014-2015 school year , and Colonel McGee is very confident that Shakonna will do the same. If she wins she will be over every JROTC in Caddo parish for one school year, and given the chance to receive a scholarship. She would also become the face of caddo cadets,and publicly speak and help hand out trophies to those at team competitions.

She has prepared herself by working to perfect her powerpoint and essay almost every night trying to not give any reason to doubt her ability. Though if she doesn’t get to become the Corps Commander, and she falls within the top five selections of ten cadets, she would then become one of the Caddo Parish Brigade commanders.

The competition took place October 4, 2018. It took less than a week to get the results from the Corps Commander Board. When the results came back, it was then told that Shakonna Sudds had received the position of the 1st Brigade Commander. Now Shreve’s Battalion Executive Officer, Cadet Major Kelley, and the S-3, Cadet Major Thompson will be promoted, which leaves a spot to be filled in the staff.

“I’m glad my hard work paid off”.


GatorPress – Lady Gator Soccer Kicks it in Gear

By: Genene Carter– September 27, 2018

The Shreve Girls’ Soccer season doesn’t start until November, but the girls on the team have been practicing since May, and they are very excited and feel that they are well prepared for this season.

Prior to normal practices, which haven’t even started yet, the girls practiced throughout the summer and have been attending conditioning regularly.

“We practiced about four hours a week during the summer,” said Reagan Titus, a Freshman who will be trying out this year. “That way, none of us got out of shape, and we got to know each other, too.”

Soccer has always been very important to Reagan. She played recreational soccer for ten years and began playing competitively last year.

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was three,” she said. “It’s a big part of my life.”

She is very excited to continue playing soccer this year and hopes to grow in her skills and knowledge.

“I want to learn more and get to know people,” Reagan said. “I’m just excited to play the sport that I love.”

She is also glad to be able to represent Shreve, and she is especially supportive of everything Coach Thompson has done for the team.

“Gators are awesome!” Reagan said, when asked why she wanted to play for Shreve. “And we have a great coach this year. Coach Thompson really turned things around.”

Tryouts will be held in October, so be sure to check out the results next month! There they will determine the top twenty players who will be on varsity. All the girls who don’t make varsity will automatically be put on the JV team. Of course, Reagan hopes to play varsity this year, which is a big accomplishment for a Freshman. However, she is definitely up for the challenge.

“I feel like it gives me more to prove,” Reagan said, when asked why she wanted to pursue varsity. “I’ll have to really push myself to get better.”

GatorPress – Student Life Hacks… Captain Shreve Edition

By: Demetrius Thompson– September 24,2018

  • Bring a water bottle to school

It’s for your drinking convenience when you can’t leave class and it encourages you to drink more water. Living healthy.

  • Bring your phone charger

You are able to charge your phone when its low on battery or you can lend it to your friends who forget theirs. Especially if you work after school and you love your phone.

  • Ask your english teacher for an all year library pass

You can have it to use during the morning or after school when you need to finish homework or print something out for class.

  • Study during lunch

While eating your lunch you can study for a test that you will take that day, or finish homework you weren’t able to do the night before.

  • Bring your laptop

If you do this, you can work on assignments in class when you have free time. Also you are eligible to do last minute work that requires a computer.

  • Put your I.D in your backpack

Once you reach home, put your I.D in your backpack, so when the next day rolls around you would have it and you wouldn’t have to pay a dollar to get a temporary.