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GatorPress – The Impact of FCA

By: Genene Carter

An athlete prays before a big game

It’s 7:45 on a cold Friday morning. Everyone’s fired up for the football game. They’re proudly wearing green and gold t-shirts and sweatshirts. They’re eating donuts. They’re being inspired by a former football player. They are the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They are FCA.

Although the word “athlete” is in the name, you don’t have to play a sport to join FCA. Anyone at Captain Shreve who wants to strengthen his or her faith through the encouraging message of a guest speaker is welcome. The club meets every game day at 7:45 during football season; meeting times outside football season are to be announced.

“I believe FCA gives athletes an opportunity to be around other athletes or competitors and learn the word of God together,” said Geron Hargon, the Captain of FCA.

Although the word “athlete” is in the name, you don’t have to play a sport to join FCA. Anyone at Captain Shreve who wants to strengthen his or her faith through the encouraging message of a guest speaker is welcome. The club meets every game day at 7:45 during football season; meeting times outside football season are to be announced.

“I believe FCA gives athletes an opportunity to be around other athletes or competitors and learn the word of God together,” said Geron Hargon, the Captain of FCA.

Geron has been in FCA since his freshman year. He was inspired to join the club because of a former student and football player named Colyn Givens. He has been involved ever since and hopes to publicize it throughout the school.

“I wanted to run for FCA Captain because I wanted to help FCA become bigger at Shreve,” Geron said. “It is a great organization with great leaders and I wanted to promote it more so that more students could be apart of it.”

Geron believes that FCA has impacted his life by meeting new people who helped to strengthen his faith and provide support for him.

“FCA gave me an opportunity to learn more about the word of God with my teammates and classmates,” Geron said. “It makes me feel more comfortable knowing that I have those types of people in my life that I can go to in a time of need.”

Geron also enjoys getting to know his fellow members better and learning more about their personal life stories.

“My favorite part of FCA is getting to hear people’s testimonies and learning how they found their way into the word and became an advocate for Christ,” he said.

Through his years in FCA, Geron has become very passionate about the organization. Here are some reasons why he would urge everyone at Shreve to try it out.

“FCA is a great organization that is not just for athletes but is made up of [students] who have faith in Jesus Christ and want to spread the word of the gospel through their

sports or extracurricular activities,” Geron said. “I encourage everyone to give it a chance and to come and hear one of our speakers. You might relate to one of them and want to learn more!”

Coach Scott Hooper is the sponsor of FCA, and it is his “first year heading up FCA here at Shreve.” However, he was involved in FCA as a student at Airline High School and believes it really helped prepare him for life.

“FCA helped to set a Biblical foundation in my life while in high school,” he said. “As an athlete, I was always encouraged and motivated by the messages from guest speakers. It helped me to take my passion for competition and put that same passion in my faith in Christ as well.”

The guest speakers are a big attraction for the club; a new one comes to speak at every gameday meeting. Their messages are particularly inspiring for Coach Hooper, who has some special connections with some of the speakers they’ve had in the past.

GatorPress – CSHS JROTC Celebrates Veterans Day

By: Demetrius Thompson

Every year on November 11th, citizens of the United States honor our brave men and women who fought for our country and who defend our freedom. The Chiasson Gator Battalion of Captain Shreve High School, celebrates this holiday with a ceremony to pay tribute to our veterans who attends this program and the guest speaker is presented with a plaque as a token of appreciation.

The ceremony, which took place on November 9, 2018 this year, consisted of the CSHS Female Choir, JROTC Armed Color Guard, 3rd Brigade Commander (Shakonna Sudds), Gator Battalion Commander (Mallory Kelley), and the Gator Battalion Executive Officer (Demetrius Thompson), with many other important roles. Parents, grandparents, family, english classes, and history classes attend this program. The ceremony started off with the Battalion Commander introducing our guest followed by a montage of remembrance. After the video ended, the Armed Color Guard took the stage and posted the colors as the Female Choir sung the “Star Spangled Banner”. Then the 3rd Brigade Commander, read the History and Purpose of Veterans Day as five cadets posted the service flags. The Gator Battalion Commander thanked the Army Instructors along with the Senior Army Instructor for their service along with staying after school to better the battalion. A speech was then read by the Battalion Executive Officer, which led to introducing the guest speaker, Major Daniel Fritts. “It was very well put together, it was very evident that you guys had prepared” ,said Major Fritts, “I’ve seen active duty soldiers with color guards that were less crisp than you.” He also thanked us for hosting this ceremony because not all people support veterans and it was evident during the Vietnam war that support was lost, but by continuing the tradition its most likely to pass on to other generations and not be forgotten.

GatorPress – Battalion Commander is up for Promotion

By:Demetrius Thompson


Many high school students are known to have a lack of discipline or respect. Well not with this particular individual. Shakonna Sudds is a Preacher’s Daughter who has always kept her grades up.

JROTC became the source for her fiery passion for structure her freshman year. She has even won Cadet of the Month, she recalls winning it because, “she had her head screwed on right.”, she said.

“JROTC helps improve you as a person and as a leader”, said Shakonna, “It’s not just about the title, it’s more about your actions ”.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Shakonna Sudds does many activities in JROTC. She is the Gator Battalion Commander first and foremost, which puts her in charge of 199 students who are enrolled in JROTC this school year.

She is also responsible for battalion administration, training, discipline, and the appearance of the battalion. She’s also the commander of Academic Team and Unarmed Color Guard while also participating in many other clubs in and out of JROTC.

Every year, there is a competition held for all Battalion Commanders in Caddo Parish. The competition includes submitting school transcripts along with your JROTC portfolio, writing an essay about the plans of improving your battalion, testing, getting your uniform inspected and presenting a presentation about your goals of the academic enrichment and student lead emphasis in front of eleven SAI’s (Senior Army Instructors). Who will then judge and create your fate.

“Shreve has won it one time out of all my years being here”, Lieutenant Colonel David McGee said.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Nick Hall had won this position in the 2014-2015 school year , and Colonel McGee is very confident that Shakonna will do the same. If she wins she will be over every JROTC in Caddo parish for one school year, and given the chance to receive a scholarship. She would also become the face of caddo cadets,and publicly speak and help hand out trophies to those at team competitions.

She has prepared herself by working to perfect her powerpoint and essay almost every night trying to not give any reason to doubt her ability. Though if she doesn’t get to become the Corps Commander, and she falls within the top five selections of ten cadets, she would then become one of the Caddo Parish Brigade commanders.

The competition took place October 4, 2018. It took less than a week to get the results from the Corps Commander Board. When the results came back, it was then told that Shakonna Sudds had received the position of the 1st Brigade Commander. Now Shreve’s Battalion Executive Officer, Cadet Major Kelley, and the S-3, Cadet Major Thompson will be promoted, which leaves a spot to be filled in the staff.

“I’m glad my hard work paid off”.


GatorPress – Falling in Love with Music

Isobel Morton-September 14, 2018

Band is more than just a class; it’s relationships built through music, especially for Senior Natalie Schafer. She has dedicated four years worth of afternoon and morning practices to the marching band and her instruments. Natalie is truly inspired and driven by her love for the arts. Shreve’s band may be smaller than other highschool bands but that does not affect the hype they build.

“We may be a smaller band but we can create the hype of a larger one,” said Natalie

Band has changed the life of Natalie. She has played in school bands since sixth grade and absolutely fell in love with it. Since then she has learned how to play several other instruments and is a highly skilled clarinet player.

“Music, more [for] those who are serious about it, is their life,” said Natalie.

Natalie loves the fun upbeat vibe that marching season has but also loves the dramatic music of concert season. Some of her fondest memories are of fun band trips on the bus. On those trips the band really gets to know each other and continues to become a closer knit group with every trip.

“Sometimes we have deep talks, sometimes we goof off, but bus rides are a lot fun,” Natalie said.

Natalie hopes to become a middle school band teacher and to eventually work for a high school band department. She wants to encourage future students to continue learning music just as she did in middle school. She hopes to inspire the next generation of musicians or help them find what they are passionate about. She understands that not everyone wants music to be their career but hopes that, through teaching, she may guide a student to what they are passionate about.

“I have always wanted to be a band teacher. Back in sixth grade my band teacher helped me fall in love with music and I’ve always wanted to help other people do that,” said Natalie, “ I just love music”.

GatorPress – What’s in a Gold Student Council?

By: Genene Carter

Around campus lately, you may have noticed numerous brightly-colored campaign posters. These posters were made by students running for Student Council, the main leadership organization here at Captain Shreve.

Although it’s too late to run for this year, everyone should try running for Student Council at some point during their high school career. It’s a great hands-on experience, and it helps students get a feel for what’s going on in their school and community.

“I’ve been in Student Council since 8th grade,” Freshman Avery Bryan said. “I ran because I wanted to help with our school.”

You may be aware of our amazing Student Council, which has been named a National Gold Council of Excellence for the past ten years. This is the most prestigious honor a Student Council can earn. Shreve also hosted the Louisiana Association of Student Councils (LASC) last January. The theme was “Once Upon A Time,” and Student Council members from schools all over Louisiana attended. They learned many valuable leadership skills and tactics, and heard some inspiring words from motivational guest speakers.

“My favorite parts of LASC were meeting new people and working hard to be a good leader,” said Avery, who attended LASC as an 8th grader.

One of the best ways that Student Council helps our community is through various fundraisers and events throughout the year. Avery enjoyed participating in these activities last year, like collecting items for a canned food drive.

“I especially enjoyed donating and taking canned food to the children,” she said.

Student Council is set up in a very organized way. There are representatives, senators, and class officers for each grade. If a student runs for senator but does not win, then they are automatically appointed as a Representative. There are also executive officers, which are the main leaders over the entire school. The president this year is Jamarcia Broadway, and he has some wonderful things in store for the school. Student Council is looking forward to a great year.

“I’m excited to be more involved with my school,” Avery said. “I want to try to become a better part of our community.”