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360° – Gators and Friends play trivia

The second annual Trivia Night, organized by Quiz Bowl sponsor Barbara Doughty and the Quiz Bowl Team, was held on April 4 in the Shreve Cafeteria.

A total of six teams, each with 4-5 people, competed in five rounds with questions ranging in different categories such as science, math, english, sports, world geography, and miscellaneous. Each team was given five minutes per round to work together and answer as many questions as they could.


360° – Superstitions and the unwritten rules of baseball

One sport that is rich in tradition is baseball, and many of its most sacred rules and practices are passed down from player to player. The Shreve varsity team has shared some of their biggest superstitions and rules to live by.

“As a pitcher, I believe that if I step on the foul line while running onto the field, I won’t have a good game,” said Trenton Perot. “I’ve done it since I was thirteen.”

Reading about famous baseball players inspired Perot to adopt this rule. Another team player who’s all about superstitions is Anthony Stallcup.

“Before each pitch, I step out of the batter’s box and adjust my batting gloves,” Said Stallcup. “I also twirl my bat until the pitcher is about to throw.”



360° – Five Gators sign to play college football

On February 7, five Gator football players signed with their respective colleges, ensuring their place on the college football teams. The signing was filled with people eager to see the players sign the papers that would continue their athletic career and take them to a whole new level of athletics. Family members stood behind them, smiles on their faces, as each player stood up and gave a short statement before uncapping the blue pen that would determine their future in athletics. Friends, coaches, and fellow football players were also there, surrounding the green and gold signing table to watch, support, and celebrate with the recruits.


360º – Three students receive awards at LASC, hosted by Captain Shreve

By Alexis McClain – February 7, 2018

Three student council members, Javin Bowman, Maddie Young, and Georgia Hilburn, received an award at this year’s Louisiana Association of Student Council Convention, also known as LASC.

“If you’re asking what LASC is, it’s indescribable, it’s something you have to just come be a part of but if I could sum it up in one word, it would be family,” Javin Bowman said.

Georgia Hilburn, a junior and a member of the student council, was chosen to be BESE Student Advisor after going through an application, essay, and interview process.

“It’s the same position Javin held last year,” Georgia Hilburn said. “But it’s the first time one school has ever held it for two consecutive years.”

To be able to receive this opportunity, Hilburn had to reach certain requirements like, being a member of the student council, attending student council workshop and convention, etc, and the position comes with a responsibility.

“Basically, though I do not hold a vote, I attend BESE meetings in Baton Rouge and represent all public school elementary through high school students in LA. 4,” Hilburn said.

Javin Bowman and Maddie Young also received the Dale Hawley Leadership award at the LASC Convention.

“It is the highest award given for student council leadership in the nation,” Bowman said.

To receive this award certain requirements also had to take place.

“Our state executive director picks us and it is who he thinks leads not just in their schools but also in their communities and state,” Maddie Young said. “Our award also has to be signed off on by the national association of student councils executive director.”

The person who decided who received the award is Mr. Phil, the Louisiana Student Council Executive Director, Young said.

“Mr. Phil, our Executive Director, chooses who he thinks embodies a model leader, like Dale Hawley whom the award is named after,” Young said.

To each of these three students, LASC plays a very important role in their growth as a leader and their lives.

“LASC has shown me what genuine people look like because nobody judges anyone else at LASC,” Young said. “We’ve all come from somewhere different and each and every story is beautiful. On top of that, it has helped bring me out of my shell. The person I am at LASC and other student Council conferences and activities is different than the person I am at school. It’s the truest version of myself and LASC has helped me discover that.”

This year Captain Shreve hosted the Convention. The last time Shreve hosted was when the seniors now were freshman, which made this LASC more significant to them.

“I absolutely love hosting,” Bowman said. “I did it as a freshman and what better way to end it all by doing [it] again my senior year. That was a joy. I would do it all over again if I could.”

A lot of things take place at a Convention, but the election of the state officers is the most important thing. Hilburn talked about how LASC has played a part in her life.

“I have never been with a more inclusive, empowering, and encouraging group of kids,” Hilburn said. “There was not a single person at my first conference who didn’t want to be there.”

Leadership is a key component of the Convention.

“It gives the power to the next generation,” Bowman said. “And teaches them how to lead and lead effectively. This organization is so helpful in all fields and realms and student council is the backbone of many schools. It’s how the student boy is heard, it’s how the leaders are made.”

Bowman, Marsalone, and Young stand with their Dale Howley Leadership award – Photo courtesy of Javin Bowman

Georgia Hilburn poses with her BESE opponent Hannah Berry from Byrd – Photo courtesy of Georgia Hilburn

360° – Captain Shreve places 3rd in the Pack the Pantry School Competition Food Drive

Before Thanksgiving break Captain Shreve participated in the annual Pack the Pantry School Competition Food Drive hosted by the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana and placed third in the high school division.

The mission of the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana is to serve as the primary resource for fighting hunger in Northwest Louisiana, upholding a vision to ultimately end hunger in Northwest Louisiana by ensuring a consolidated network of effective food collection and distribution to provide universal access to food for the needy with the communities.

According to Executive Director Martha Marak, a total of 42 schools participated in this year’s Pack the Pantry School Competition Food Drive. The total amount collected from all participating schools was 68,584 pounds. This year’s competition allows for the food bank to feed a least 7,000 more people than last year.


360° – Will Adcock faces physical challenges

During the football season, senior kicker Will Adcock injured his right leg’s quadricep by partially tearing it, and this caused Adcock to miss many games and opportunities.

“I was on a path for most field goals in a season and career in Shreve football history,” Adcock said. “I believe I would have broken the record for the longest field goal [50 yards].”

Adcock has gained many achievements and believes the injury is a set-back.

He has gotten 1st team all-district defender twice. He was an overall district MVP and was on an all-metro team last year. He was also 2nd team all-district in football last year. Adcock was selected for the Louisiana Football All-Star Game and plans to play in December.

He said he sees the injury as a learning experience.

“I am definitely more humbled now and realized how much sports mean to me,” Adcock said. “I realize now that you must take advantage of every opportunity you have and not to take what you have for granted.”


360° – Taste of Shreve replaces Miss Alli Gator Pageant

The Gator cook-off, to be held at 3 p.m. on Dec. 2 at Captain Shreve, is an event Z Club has created to replace the pageant that they have hosted in years past.

“Gator cook-off features a wide range of events such as coloring with Santa, a gift wrapping station, and of course, tasting all the dishes the competitors prepare,” Co-President of Z-Club Mary Douglas said.

This event is a fundraiser for Z-Club and helps to raise money for the organization.

“The money from the event funds all of Z-Club’s doings on the school, community and international level,” Douglas said. “This includes things like Mooretown Easter and Christmas, Gators for Good Carnival and our International Service Project.”

Through lots of preparation, members of Z-Club have been working on making this new event a success.


360° – James Ivory sets records

Running back James Ivory III had a record-breaking season his senior year, with 236 attempts and 1,705 yards for the season.

“I have been playing since elementary, and the love for it has made me continue,” Ivory said. “Also, my cousins’ dad, before his death, told me to keep striving for football.”

Ivory said that he sets himself apart from the rest of the players by his mindset and being more determined to take it to the next step. He said that the only thing that goes through his mind on the field is, “I’m going to make this touchdown.”

“I stay committed until I fall asleep,” Ivory said.


360° – Student Council goes on the road

Members of Student Council attended the Southern Association of Student Councils Conference that was held Oct. 25-30 in Ocoee, Florida.

According to its website, SASC is an association composed of 15 Southeastern states. It provides high school and middle-level student leaders with opportunities for networking, building leadership skills, sharing ideas, participating in service projects and getting motivated to make a difference in their schools, communities and in their own lives. This year the conference was held at Ocoee High School.

“SASC was an all-around great time, and it was so fun to get to learn from other student leaders not only here in Louisiana, but across the entire South,” sophomore Morgan Hughes said.