Times – Byrd, Shreve rivalry features bosses vs. former employees

It’s the week everyone on both sides of the coin look forward to each year – Byrd-Captain Shreve Week.

It’s a time of the year, a football game above all games, sometimes pitting brother against figurative brother, boyfriend against girlfriend, former employee against former boss.
Shreve principal Ginger Gustavson formerly administrated for Byrd principal Jerry Badgley. Captain Shreve football coach Bryant Sepulavdo, a Byrd graduate, formerly assisted in coaching with Byrd’s Mike Suggs.

It’s the kind of game that everyone wants to win but that half the attendees will go home Thursday night dreaming about what could have been.

Last year, Captain Shreve prevailed 34-7 against an injury-depleted bunch of Yellow Jackets simply hanging on for dear life. It was the Gators’ first victory in the series in seven years.

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