GatorPress – Student ID’s: Help or Hindrance?

By: Genene Carter – September 12, 2018

Schools all over the country are turning to student ID’s as a safety feature, and now Captain Shreve is one of them. Although wearing an ID may seem unnecessary or annoying, it all makes sense once you understand the reasoning behind it.

Shreve initiated the process last school year, when a group of teachers, administrators, and parents met several times with Roy Murry, the director of security for Caddo Parish.

“Throughout the spring we had meetings and visits, and ultimately made the decision together,” Mrs. Gustavson said. “We all came to the consensus that going to ID’s does enhance security and safety, and that Captain Shreve would be implementing students and staff wearing ID’s.”

Mrs. Gustavson understands that the new policy will take some getting used to, but she feels that the benefit is definitely worth it.

We know that it’s a big change,” Mrs. Gustavson said. “It’s one more thing to have to remember…and one more thing for us to check. Even though maybe we wish we didn’t have to wear them, we understand why we should and how it can help us.”

Freshman Georgette Berne gave her opinion on wearing ID’s. Her first thought when she found out about the policy was the stress of having to keep up with the ID.

“At first I was frustrated,” she said. “But now I’ve come to understand.”

We keep hearing about how ID’s enhance security, but how exactly does wearing an ID keep us safer at school?

We keep hearing about how ID’s enhance security, but how exactly does wearing an ID keep us safer at school?

“According to research, there are a couple of key ways to being able to identify students who should or should not be on campus,” Mrs. Gustavson explained. “And that would be wearing uniforms…or wearing ID’s.”

When faced with these two options, she says that this was an easy choice for them.

“We feel like, for us at Captain Shreve, going to the ID’s was a better fit than going to school uniforms,” she said. “We very much value students’…expression with wearing the clothes that they choose to wear within the dress code.”

Almost all Shreve students agree with this decision. Georgette would definitely rather wear an ID than a school uniform.

“I don’t like uniforms,” she said. “I feel like they keep me from being myself.”

What students may not know is that we will soon be using our ID’s for access control, meaning we’ll use them to open doors. We may even start this at the beginning of next school year. This is just one of the many security advantages of student ID’s. According to Mrs. Gustavson, an added benefit is that wearing ID’s actually strengthens the “Shreve is Family” experience.

“To me it really goes to enhance the whole camaraderie of the Shreve community,” Gustavson said. “This helps us put faces with names, and then we get to know each other better.”