GatorPress – Battalion Commander is up for Promotion

By:Demetrius Thompson


Many high school students are known to have a lack of discipline or respect. Well not with this particular individual. Shakonna Sudds is a Preacher’s Daughter who has always kept her grades up.

JROTC became the source for her fiery passion for structure her freshman year. She has even won Cadet of the Month, she recalls winning it because, “she had her head screwed on right.”, she said.

“JROTC helps improve you as a person and as a leader”, said Shakonna, “It’s not just about the title, it’s more about your actions ”.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Shakonna Sudds does many activities in JROTC. She is the Gator Battalion Commander first and foremost, which puts her in charge of 199 students who are enrolled in JROTC this school year.

She is also responsible for battalion administration, training, discipline, and the appearance of the battalion. She’s also the commander of Academic Team and Unarmed Color Guard while also participating in many other clubs in and out of JROTC.

Every year, there is a competition held for all Battalion Commanders in Caddo Parish. The competition includes submitting school transcripts along with your JROTC portfolio, writing an essay about the plans of improving your battalion, testing, getting your uniform inspected and presenting a presentation about your goals of the academic enrichment and student lead emphasis in front of eleven SAI’s (Senior Army Instructors). Who will then judge and create your fate.

“Shreve has won it one time out of all my years being here”, Lieutenant Colonel David McGee said.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Nick Hall had won this position in the 2014-2015 school year , and Colonel McGee is very confident that Shakonna will do the same. If she wins she will be over every JROTC in Caddo parish for one school year, and given the chance to receive a scholarship. She would also become the face of caddo cadets,and publicly speak and help hand out trophies to those at team competitions.

She has prepared herself by working to perfect her powerpoint and essay almost every night trying to not give any reason to doubt her ability. Though if she doesn’t get to become the Corps Commander, and she falls within the top five selections of ten cadets, she would then become one of the Caddo Parish Brigade commanders.

The competition took place October 4, 2018. It took less than a week to get the results from the Corps Commander Board. When the results came back, it was then told that Shakonna Sudds had received the position of the 1st Brigade Commander. Now Shreve’s Battalion Executive Officer, Cadet Major Kelley, and the S-3, Cadet Major Thompson will be promoted, which leaves a spot to be filled in the staff.

“I’m glad my hard work paid off”.