GatorPress – Falling in Love with Music

Isobel Morton-September 14, 2018

Band is more than just a class; it’s relationships built through music, especially for Senior Natalie Schafer. She has dedicated four years worth of afternoon and morning practices to the marching band and her instruments. Natalie is truly inspired and driven by her love for the arts. Shreve’s band may be smaller than other highschool bands but that does not affect the hype they build.

“We may be a smaller band but we can create the hype of a larger one,” said Natalie

Band has changed the life of Natalie. She has played in school bands since sixth grade and absolutely fell in love with it. Since then she has learned how to play several other instruments and is a highly skilled clarinet player.

“Music, more [for] those who are serious about it, is their life,” said Natalie.

Natalie loves the fun upbeat vibe that marching season has but also loves the dramatic music of concert season. Some of her fondest memories are of fun band trips on the bus. On those trips the band really gets to know each other and continues to become a closer knit group with every trip.

“Sometimes we have deep talks, sometimes we goof off, but bus rides are a lot fun,” Natalie said.

Natalie hopes to become a middle school band teacher and to eventually work for a high school band department. She wants to encourage future students to continue learning music just as she did in middle school. She hopes to inspire the next generation of musicians or help them find what they are passionate about. She understands that not everyone wants music to be their career but hopes that, through teaching, she may guide a student to what they are passionate about.

“I have always wanted to be a band teacher. Back in sixth grade my band teacher helped me fall in love with music and I’ve always wanted to help other people do that,” said Natalie, “ I just love music”.