GatorPress – CSHS JROTC Celebrates Veterans Day

By: Demetrius Thompson

Every year on November 11th, citizens of the United States honor our brave men and women who fought for our country and who defend our freedom. The Chiasson Gator Battalion of Captain Shreve High School, celebrates this holiday with a ceremony to pay tribute to our veterans who attends this program and the guest speaker is presented with a plaque as a token of appreciation.

The ceremony, which took place on November 9, 2018 this year, consisted of the CSHS Female Choir, JROTC Armed Color Guard, 3rd Brigade Commander (Shakonna Sudds), Gator Battalion Commander (Mallory Kelley), and the Gator Battalion Executive Officer (Demetrius Thompson), with many other important roles. Parents, grandparents, family, english classes, and history classes attend this program. The ceremony started off with the Battalion Commander introducing our guest followed by a montage of remembrance. After the video ended, the Armed Color Guard took the stage and posted the colors as the Female Choir sung the “Star Spangled Banner”. Then the 3rd Brigade Commander, read the History and Purpose of Veterans Day as five cadets posted the service flags. The Gator Battalion Commander thanked the Army Instructors along with the Senior Army Instructor for their service along with staying after school to better the battalion. A speech was then read by the Battalion Executive Officer, which led to introducing the guest speaker, Major Daniel Fritts. “It was very well put together, it was very evident that you guys had prepared” ,said Major Fritts, “I’ve seen active duty soldiers with color guards that were less crisp than you.” He also thanked us for hosting this ceremony because not all people support veterans and it was evident during the Vietnam war that support was lost, but by continuing the tradition its most likely to pass on to other generations and not be forgotten.