GatorPress – A Game of Volleyball

By Melissa Krzywanski


Volleyball is a fast-paced sport that requires team unity, athleticism, and a lot of quick thought. Volleyball is a global sport and is enjoyed by many people around the world. Captain Shreve is proud to support their own varsity and junior varsity girls volleyball teams.

One member on the team is junior Tori Reich, who has been a varsity team member since her freshman year. I talked to her get to know the inner workings of the court and become familiar with some common plays.

Volleyball is a game made up of six positions on one side of the net that each have a specific role. Position 1 is called home, and is where the setter stands while the ball is in the air. Position 1 is also where balls are served.

Position 2 is the opposite hitter. People in that position are usually left-handed and are good blockers, because they have to block against the strongest hitters on the opposing team.

Position 3, called the middle, is usually where the tallest person stands, and her job is to help assist in a double block for positions 2&4, hit, and go against the opposing hitter.

Position 4, the outside, is where the strongest hitter usually stands. This position also blocks.

Position 5 belongs to the defensive specialist, and will be able to help pass to the setter or get the ball over the net.

Position 6 is the libero position. This position is where the best passer on the team goes, and she wears a different color jersey to separate herself from the other players. The libero never leaves her position

For Positions 1,4 and 5 there are no specific plays, they make plays tailored to the situations going on during the game. The middles can slide, run or short. Slides are when the setter sets the ball back towards position 2 rather than setting it straight up, and then player 3 will go around to hit it.

A short is when the ball is set right on top of the net, and the middle has to make her approach as soon as the ball leaves the setter’s hands. The player in position 2 has a different version of a slide, where she moves to position 3 and then hits next to the player in position 3.

The libero can run LP or RP (Left/Right pocket). This play is when everyone fakes, and the libero comes up to the 10ft line and then pushes the ball to the right or left corner.

As you can see, volleyball is more complicated than it appears!

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