GatorPress – What to Do with Halloween Leftovers

By: Isobel Morton

Glow in the dark bubbles:

Step 1: Grab bubbles

Step 2: Grab some glow sticks

Step 3: Grab a pair of scissors

Step 4: Pour the bubbles into plastic a bowl

Step 5: Cut one end of the glow stick and leave it in the bowl

Step 6: Wait

Step 7: Once most of the glowing liquid has left the stick grab your bubble wand

(Optional: pour the glowing bubble mixture back in the bottle)

Step 8: Have fun!

Candy Brownies:

Step 1: Buy brownie mix from the store

Step 2: Place the candy in the mixture

Step 3: Place in the oven

Step 4: Enjoy!

Lollipop Turkey:

Step 1: Grab some lollipops

Step 2: Paint a styrofoam orb brown

Step 3: Cut out a beak and feathers from orange foam paper

Step 4: Cut out a gizzard from red foam paper

Step 5: Place the beak in the middle front of the orb (turkey body)

Step 6: Place the orange feathers along the side of the orb (turkey body)

Step 7: Place the gizzard under the nose

Step 8: Place two googly eyes on the front

Step 9: Stick the lollipops in the back of the orb to look like the back feathers

Cookie Cups:

Step 1: Grab a muffin tin

Step: Buy your desired cookie dough

Step 3: Put the dough in the tin

Step 4: Use a spice bottle to create a cavity for the candy

Step 5: Place pieces of your favorite candy in the middle

Step 6: Bake

Step 7: Enjoy!

Christmas Countdown:

Step 1: Collect old toilet paper rolls (25)

Step 2: Glue them together to form a tree

Step 3: Let it dry

Step 4: Paint it how you desire

Step 5: Fill each tube with candy or a little toy

Step 6: Put pretty tissue paper over the ends

Step 7: Put numbers on each roll in the order you desire

Step 8: Punch one in every day in December till Christmas