GatorPress – Student Life Hacks… Captain Shreve Edition

By: Demetrius Thompson– September 24,2018

  • Bring a water bottle to school

It’s for your drinking convenience when you can’t leave class and it encourages you to drink more water. Living healthy.

  • Bring your phone charger

You are able to charge your phone when its low on battery or you can lend it to your friends who forget theirs. Especially if you work after school and you love your phone.

  • Ask your english teacher for an all year library pass

You can have it to use during the morning or after school when you need to finish homework or print something out for class.

  • Study during lunch

While eating your lunch you can study for a test that you will take that day, or finish homework you weren’t able to do the night before.

  • Bring your laptop

If you do this, you can work on assignments in class when you have free time. Also you are eligible to do last minute work that requires a computer.

  • Put your I.D in your backpack

Once you reach home, put your I.D in your backpack, so when the next day rolls around you would have it and you wouldn’t have to pay a dollar to get a temporary.