Times – Captain Shreve’s Coleman attracts rave reviews

During the recruiting process of Captain Shreve’s Kendal Coleman, one college coach described the big man’s upside as in the vicinity of Louisiana Tech/NBA great Karl Malone.

An exaggeration? Maybe. Maybe not.

But what we do know is that Coleman is ultra-talented, smart, physical and will make Northwestern State fans happy in the near future. Right now, the 6-foot-8, 220-pounder is putting smiles on the faces of the Gator faithful.

“What is most impressive about Kendal is his work ethic and willingness to be coached,” first year Captain Shreve coach Corey Deans said. “When your best player is your hardest worker and the most coachable, it makes the coach’s job easy. Not only does Kendal hold himself to my expectations and standards, but he demands his teammates meet them also.”

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