Times – William Bradford’s back is back for Captain Shreve

Anyone who thinks playing soccer at the high school level isn’t back-breaking work, should consider a one-on-one with Captain Shreve’s William Bradford.

The senior standout is just a few months removed from a nine-month forced hiatus from the sport he loves due to overplaying kicking a small white ball around on turf and grass fields.

Bradford suffered a stress fracture in his lower back last January that required surgery in June.

“It started hurting after a practice, but went away, and I didn’t think anything of it,” Bradford said. “We had a tournament in Lafayette the following weekend, and after the first game, the pain just never went away. I had to miss the last game of the tournament.”

Bradford realized he was playing too much soccer without enough rest between outings, causing him to slip a disc. He was constantly in pain before the surgery.

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