GatorPress – Traveling with Volleyball

by Marie Chance

At Captain Shreve high school, our very own volleyball team travels off campus to other schools to play volleyball and represent the Swamp. When games are hosted at other campuses, the team must leave school early therefore missing part of 5th and then 6th and 7th period.

The team doesn’t mind riding a school bus to away games because they usually don’t have to travel far. Ruston is the farthest district game, which is an hour away. And though the ride maybe a little uncomfortable, it is overshadowed by laughs, jokes and team bonding. The ride brings the team together and it helps the players see more of each other when they aren’t at school.

“I like traveling because we ride together, have fun together, listen to music and eat snacks,” Alexis McClain said (a varsity volleyball player).

Traveling to other schools an be fun, but it results in more homework because the players miss their afternoon classes. The teachers understand that the players have to miss the classes and work with the players on the material missed. But the players manage their time to where they can get their work done at the tournament, so their grades aren’t affected by traveling.

“The make up work depends on homework for that day. Usually I can get homework done on the way to the game, if I manage my time correctly,” Abigail Roberts said (a varsity volleyball player).

Though the players are the ones actually playing, the coaches are behind the skills, organization and bonding. Coach Hunt and Coach Kelly sacrifice their time and work to get the volleyball team to the district games and make sure everyone is ready. Traveling maybe stressful for the coaches, but they don’t let that affect the team. No one is quite sure if they like traveling or not, but the coaches do everything for the team.

“Coach Kelly and Coach Hunt loves being with all of us They love the girls. It really depends on how stressful the day was and that will affect if they want to travel that day or not,” Amy Goins said.